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Business: Strawderman Financial

Industry: Financial Company

Location: Winchester, VA


Our Work:

Website design & development
SEO Jumpstart

About our Client?

Strawderman financial is part of the Finance & Insurance Sector Industry and located in Winchester, VA. 

Our work:

The CEO of the company, Jeff Strawderman, gave us a call inquiring about our website design services. He had previously spoken to other companies but felt he was not being understood. His business needed a website to establish its reputation, as well as to attract more customers. He knew his business needed a way to funnel in more valuable clients in order to increase sales.  One of our professional website developers, Gerardo, met with Mr. Strawderman at his office located in Chantilly. After a brief presentation, Mr. Strawderman decided to work with us.

During the initial phase of the website design & development process, designers from Intelliware Consultant sent out pdf mockups to Mr. Strawderman. We believe this is the best way to guarantee the resulting website meets and exceeds clients expectations. Using the approved design, we started developing the website according to the specifications given to us. We originally estimated four weeks of work in order to complete the website, but thanks to our teams commitment and relentless work ethic we delivered the project in three weeks.

Website Design Project Results:

Strawderman Financial Mockup

The client also requested a careers page where potential agents can go in and upload their resumes to be later reviewed by one of the members of the Strawderman Financial team. Moreover, Strawderman Financial needed a way to funnel in clients. We achieved this by developing a click funnel that turned out to be very efficient and of great use for the company.

Strawderman Financial Click Funnel

Furthermore, Strawderman Financial made it very clear that their is valuable and limited. They cannot spend thousands of hours training people and helping them succeed. They realized they needed a system in place that can help train new agents, as well as place where they can look up the information needed. Intelliware Consultant came up with a very elegant and useful agent training portal that has helped their business tremendously.

Strawderman Financial website design agents training


Strawderman Financial CEO was very happy with the results. As a matter of fact, he was so happy and excited about his new website that he personally wrote a review on Google about our services. Here’s what he wrote:

Strawderman Financial review on Google for Intelliware Consultant


We are in a great professional and business relationship! We create need landing pages and promotions on their website upon requests.


Posted on

May 6, 2020